Dr Ali Akbar Karami

About Dr. Ali Akbar Karami

Dr. Ali Akbar Karami was born in 1976 in the city of Amol, Mazandaran. After completing high school, he was admitted to Qazvin University of Medical Sciences in 1995 after passing the national entrance exam with a rank of 431 in the first region.

After completing the general medical course, he completed the general course plan in Qazvin province and passed the urology specialist assistant admission test in 2004 and continued their studies in this field at Tehran University of Medical Sciences until 2008 at Sina Hospital and Children’s Medical Center.

He went to Singapore and America to complete their fellowship and have been a member of the academic staff of Qazvin University of Medical Sciences since 2009 and have trained more than 500 general medicine students and 30 specialized general surgery students.

Dr. Ali Akbar Karami is an active member of the American Urology Association and has published more than 20 domestic and foreign scientific articles and completed 27 theses of medical students under the title of supervisor and consultant.

Among his executive positions during the last seven years, the following titles are mentioned:

1- Assistant of Education of Shahid Rajaei Medical Education Center

2- Managing director of special clinics of Qazvin University of Medical Sciences from 2013 until now

3- Vice-Chancellor of the Faculty of Medicine

4- Directorship of the educational and therapeutic center of the province since 2015

5- Membership and chairmanship of various scientific committees of the university

6- The head of the student research committee of the Faculty of Medicine

7- Member of the work commission of the special income group of the university

8- Vice President of Medicine at Qazvin University of Medical Sciences since 2019

Since 2009, more than 8,000 urological surgeries has been performed.